Do you know Andrea Palladio , the architect who made Vicenza a city of art?

And did you know that Vicenza is also the city of gold and jewels?


Here, in the heart of Veneto region, not far away  from Venezia and its charm, Lorenzo Bazzo carries on the heritage of his family company founded fifty years ago, and makes of stylistic and formal research the edge of his artistic output.

Lorenzo, before becoming an architect, a jewellery designer and graduate gemologist at Gemological Institute of America, is a man in love with nature and gems. He started to collect cristals and minerals since his childhood: his path was already marked.

His innovative creations are the fruit of on-going  research and experimentation of unusual materials and ancient techniques. Lost wax technique, metal hammering and cold forging are used to highlight  precious stones, the result are extraordinary  jewels which stand out due to the irreplaceable virtue of their uniqueness.

The source of inspiration is the natural world, seen  through the eyes of the historical heritage of his region. The most well-known precious stones, but also amazing opals, vivid tourmalines, multicolored garnets, baroque pearls from the southern seas, and unusual gems of amazing beauty takes part in this play of beauty.This fabulous inspiration and the craftsmanship’s skill of his workshop allowsto create  unique and not-to-miss  jewels.

The deserved award for this effort is a great international success and appreciation.

To stand out, you have only to take a choice.